Based in Berlin, Tools for Action is a community project using inflatable sculptures as a tool for intervention.

Owen Griffiths is an artist based in Swansea, South Wales.

Richard Houguez is an artist based in Brixton, London, UK.

An arts collective partially based in Swansea, partially on the road.

Jardin D'alice, based in Montreuil, Paris, is a socail center, a community center, an associative store, a popular university, a theatre and a place of artistic and ecological experiment.

Carville Annex Press is "A place to ask questions, a way to remind ourselves to drink water, lots of things we probably haven't thought up yet".

The Laboratory of Insurrectionary Imagination, “This isn’t a normal traveling theatre company you know!” Scotland Yard.

Bureau Detours is a Danish organisation operating across various platforms in a mix of art, design, architecture and cityplanning.

Astrid Noacks Atelier is an association of artists committed to bringing new life to the old studio of Astrid Noack in Nørrebro, Copenhagen.